About Us

Bèlla Beauty is a vegan, handmade beauty line dedicated to providing natural products that promote healthy skincare and haircare. Our commitment to our community is to educate our consumers about healthy skincare and haircare practices, while feeding your body with quality ingredients that will help you see your natural “beauty without the lyes”.
The creation of Bèlla Beauty was initially for me and my struggles with taking care of my hair and skin. As a teenager, I struggled with acne, hyperpigmentation, mild eczema and very oily skin. I also struggled with dry, brittle hair that was constantly breaking due to my lack of knowledge on how to take care of relaxed hair. After years of trying to figure out why my hair wouldn’t grow while having a relaxer, I decided to go natural in 2011. Not only did I go natural, but I started locs and decided that if I’m going to grow my hair to be healthy and not just long, then I’m going to have to use the very best ingredients that won't damage my tresses with chemicals.
I did just that and started with using just castor oil in my hair; and my hair loved it! The more I used all-natural ingredients, the thicker, stronger and healthier my hair grew. And I figured, if using all-natural ingredients works on my hair, then it should work on my skin too. But I didn’t know where to start.
So, I went to the smartest person I know; my mother. While talking to my mother about my struggles with my skin, something clicked. With her having beautiful, clear skin, and always making her skincare products from scratch, I knew she had to be on to something and I was exactly right. As my mother shared her favorite, all-natural skincare ingredients, that actually worked as I tested them, my curiosity for all-natural skincare and haircare continued to grow; and that’s when Bèlla Beauty was born.
But, why should you care?
Well, for starters, our bodies require the very best ingredients to grow and glow; and I truly believe that you won’t find any better skincare or haircare products, other than those that use ingredients that are directly sourced from the Earth. We believe that your body deserves the very best that our Earth can provide, and that’s why we are proud to never use any chemicals in our products!
What matters to us is that our community is educated about the proper skincare, haircare and beauty routines that will help your melanin shine through and continue to flourish! Our products are no-nonsense and what you see in the ingredients, is exactly what you get in the products. No secrets and definitely no lyes!
Whether you know exactly what you're looking for, or you're just looking to try something new, I'm certain that we'll have a product that you'll fall in love with. Being that the ingredients in our products are all-natural, we take our time to do the research required to find out what exact ingredients will work well for your hair and skin. That type of dedication is why Bèlla Beauty works so well and why most of our consumers can’t live without our products!
With that I say again, thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you again!
With Love, 
Samantha K. Michel